Whether you are in need of a commercial or residential concrete application Brewster Sealcoating is the professional company for the job.

The durability and other inherent qualities of concrete make it a great material for driveway, walkway, handicap ramps, curbs, and other installation.
Brewster has the expertise to determine the proper base, grading, thickness, strength and transition for each job.

It may be necessary to do some excavation and add base material in order to stabilize the soil so it can properly support the driveway installation. Proper drainage is crucial to keeping your concrete from failing. Grading encourages water to flow away from your home or business toward a storm drain or reservoir. The thickness and strength will depend on industry standards and regulations, the types of vehicles that will utilize your concrete surface, and the soil in your area. If transitions are necessary to complete the job Brewster Sealcoating is experienced in the installation of the curbs, sidewalks, and ramps required for each application.