All damage to asphalt surfaces are not equal. You need the advice of a professional Asphalt Repair company to lead you in the right direction as to which fix is the correct fix for your problem.

We offer 2 types of asphalt repair:

Total replacement

With a total replacement repair we start by marking the patch, saw -cut, and remove the asphalt. Then we inspect the base. If the base has failed we remove binder, stone, etc. The next step is to compact the stone or base. Once compacted, we install hot-mix asphalt. If the asphalt is more than three inches in depth we install in equal lifts, compact each lift as installed making sure each patch is level and flush.

Band aid patching

We clean failed the area, tack edges, rake and grade asphalt to taper down on edges. Roll and compact the asphalt. However we do not recommend this method for a long term fix.

Other Services included with patching:

  • Traffic control to ease impact on customers
  • Job site management
  • Post job clean-up
  • Post job barricade